Top 20 Humble Bundle Alternatives: Your Ultimate Guide

20 Top Sites Like Humble Bundle | Best Alternatives

Humble Bundle has long been a favorite destination for gamers and digital content enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of discounted games, books, software, and more, all while supporting various charities. However, if you’re looking to expand your options or try something new, there’s a plethora of similar platforms available. In this article, we’ll explore 20 top sites like Humble Bundle, providing you with the best alternatives to satisfy your digital cravings. Before diving into the alternatives, let’s briefly introduce Humble Bundle. Founded in 2010, Humble Bundle gained rapid popularity due to its innovative approach to digital content distribution. The platform offers “bundles” of digital content, including games, e-books, and software, at discounted prices. Customers can pay what they want and choose how their payment is divided between the content creators, charities, and the platform itself.

What Makes Humble Bundle Popular?

Humble Bundle’s success can be attributed to several key factors:

Low Prices

Humble Bundle’s pay-what-you-want model allows customers to access a wide range of content at prices that suit their budget, often significantly lower than retail prices.

Charity Component

A significant portion of each purchase goes to charity, allowing customers to support various causes while enjoying their favorite digital content guilt-free.

Variety of Content

From indie games to bestselling titles, Humble Bundle offers a diverse selection of digital content, catering to a broad audience of gamers and enthusiasts.

Criteria for Selecting Alternatives

When selecting alternatives to Humble Bundle, it’s essential to consider factors such as pricing, content variety, charity contributions, and platform usability. The following list comprises platforms that excel in these areas, providing users with similar experiences to Humble Bundle.

List of Top 20 Sites like Humble Bundle


  2. Indie Gala

  3. Fanatical


  5. Green Man Gaming

  6. Steam

  7. Epic Games Store

  8. Origin

  9. Uplay

  10. Bundle Stars

  11. Chrono. gg

  12. IndieGameStand

  13. Daily Indie Game

  14. OnePlay

  15. GamersGate

  16. Direct2Drive

  17. Gamesplanet

  18. Nuuvem

  19. Indie Royale

  20. Humble Choice

Brief Description of Each Alternative

Now, let’s delve into a brief overview of each alternative:

  • Known for its DRM-free approach and vast library of classic games.
  • Indie Gala: Offers regular bundles of indie games at discounted prices.
  • Fanatical: Formerly known as Bundle Stars, Fanatical offers curated bundles and discounts on popular games.
  • A platform for indie game developers to sell and distribute their games directly to players.
  • Green Man Gaming: Features a wide selection of digital games with regular discounts and promotions.
  • Steam: The largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming, offering a vast library of games across all genres.
  • Epic Games Store: Known for its free weekly games and exclusive titles.
  • Origin: Electronic Arts’ digital distribution platform, offering a range of EA games and third-party titles.
  • Uplay: Ubisoft’s digital distribution and multiplayer gaming platform.
  • Bundle Stars: Now part of Fanatical, Bundle Stars offers curated bundles and discounts on popular games.
  • Chrono. gg: Offers a daily deal on a single game, often at a significant discount.
  • IndieGameStand: Focuses on indie games, offering pay-what-you-want bundles and regular sales.
  • Daily Indie Game: Offers daily deals on indie games at discounted prices.
  • OnePlay: Offers a subscription-based service for accessing a library of games.
  • GamersGate: Offers a wide selection of digital games with regular discounts and promotions.
  • Direct2Drive: Offers a variety of digital games and software with regular discounts and promotions.
  • Gamesplanet: Features regular discounts on digital games and software.
  • Nuuvem: A Brazilian digital distribution platform offering a wide selection of games with regional pricing.
  • Indie Royale: Offers pay-what-you-want bundles of indie games with proceeds supporting charity.
  • Humble Choice: Humble Bundle’s subscription service, offers a curated selection of games each month.

Comparison Chart

Platform Pricing Model Content Variety Charity Contributions Usability Pay what you want Classic games Varies User-friendly
Indie Gala Pay what you want Indie games Yes Easy to navigate
Fanatical Fixed price Popular games Yes Intuitive Varies Indie games Varies Simple interface
Green Man Gaming Fixed price Digital games Yes User-friendly
Steam Fixed price Wide variety of games No Feature-rich


While Humble Bundle remains a popular choice for digital content enthusiasts, the alternatives mentioned above offer compelling alternatives with their unique features and offerings. Whether you’re looking for indie games, blockbuster titles, or charity-driven purchases, these platforms provide a diverse range of options to suit every preference and budget.


  1. Are these alternatives legal?

    • Yes, all the mentioned platforms are legitimate and legal sources for purchasing digital content.
  2. Can I still support charities with these alternatives?

    • Many of these platforms also contribute to charitable causes through their sales, similar to Humble Bundle.
  3. Do these platforms offer regional pricing?

    • Some platforms like Nuuvem offer regional pricing, while others may have fixed pricing regardless of region.
  4. Are these platforms safe to use?

    • Yes, these platforms are reputable and trusted by millions of users worldwide.
  5. Can I get refunds for purchases on these platforms?

    • Refund policies vary between platforms, so it’s essential to review their terms and conditions before making a purchase.


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